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Closure order for store which used external yard to smoke meats

Six enforcement orders were served on food businesses during the month of February, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI). 

The orders were served due to breaches of food safety legislation, pursuant to the FSAI Act, 1998.

Polish Grocery Janosiki, which is located on 17 Mary Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, has received a closure order after it was discovered that the rear external yard was being used to smoke meats.

An authorised officer of the HSE, explained in a letter to the firm that there was a failure to put in place a documented food safety management system based on the principles of HACCP. “The failure to implement adequate procedures particularly in relation to the smoking, cooling and vacuum packing of meats, gave rise to an unacceptable risk to food safety.”

“The layout and design of the rear yard was not suitable for the production of food and the rough concrete surfaces do not permit adequate cleaning or disinfection required in food production areas.”

“The gap to external air between the walls and floating perspex ceiling do not adequately minimise the risk of airborne contamination to the food.”

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The yard, the letter added, was not maintained in a hygienic condition with obsolete equipment and refuse also stored in the yard which may give rise to the contamination of food.

“The walls and floors of the external yard where food was being smoked were made of rough concrete and are not readily cleanable or washable.”

“The wooden door leading to the rear yard was heavily chipped and not readily cleanable.” the letter added.

The other business that were issued with closure orders in February included: 

  • Anu’s Kitchen, Unit 3, Glen Abbey Complex, Belgard Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24;
  • Costa Coffee, Pearse Street, Ballina, Co. Mayo;
  • Camile Thai, Looney’s Cross, Bishopstown, Co. Cork.

Two prohibition orders were served under the FSAI Act, 1998 on:

  • LuckyMe Limited (Retailer), Unit 3 & 4, 90 Lagan Road, Dublin Industrial Estate, Glasnevin, Dublin 11;
  • Polish Grocery Janosiki, 17 Mary Street, Dungarvan, Co. Waterford.

Some of the reasons for the enforcement orders in February include:

  • Evidence of rodent activity and rodent droppings found in food storage areas;
  • Crates of unidentified and untraceable processed raw meat items found in a walk-in freezer;
  • Displaying out-of-date meat foodstuffs on the shop floor;
  • Failure to ensure adequate pest control and pest proofing allowing pests/rodents ease of access to the premises;
  • Breaches of HACCP principles surrounding the packaging of meats leading to unacceptable risks to food safety.

Regular and consistent checks 

Commenting today (Monday, March 9th), Dr Pamela Byrne, Chief Executive, FSAI, highlighted the need for food businesses to maintain adequate hygiene standards in the interest of protecting consumer health.

“February’s enforcement orders demonstrate the importance of regular and consistent checks by businesses to ensure safe food practices are in place and adhered to in the interest of protecting consumer health.”

“There are no excuses for food business owners failing to comply with all relevant food safety and hygiene standards. It is a legal responsibility,” she concluded.

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