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Some factories ‘not even quoting for tomorrow’

A farm organisation is urging farmers to resist price cuts from processors.

ICSA sheep chair, Sean McNamara, said meat factories are continuing to “toy with producers in a cynical effort” to flush out supplies and drive down prices.

He stressed that farmers must resist this ploy and hold out for prices.


“Ramadan only began on April 23rd and continues until May 28th, but factories would have us believe that demand has disappeared since Sunday with some factories not even quoting for tomorrow.”

“Yet all the while, sheep and sheep products continue to be sourced from Britain and Northern Ireland to the detriment of local suppliers. It makes no sense.”

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He said this it is simply not the case that demand has “suddenly gone away” adding that with supplies remaining tight, there is no justification for cutting prices.

“It is gamesmanship on the part of the processors to exact as much pressure as possible on hard-pressed farmers and it must be resisted,” McNamara concluded.  

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