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Investing in solar energy on your farm can help you to save money

Investing in solar energy for agricultural buildings

In this article, Jana looks at investing in solar energy for agricultural buildings.

Farmers have always relied on the sun to grow crops, and the agricultural industry was one of the first to harness solar technology as it exists today.

With advancements in tech making the use of solar power cheaper and more accessible than ever, there are numerous reasons why investing in solar energy could work wonders for your business.

In the same way that using solar panels for home energy can reduce household outgoings, investing in solar energy for agricultural buildings can help you to save money and make your business more environmentally friendly.

The good news is most farm buildings are perfectly suited for solar power, which means installation is usually possible without the need for any expensive renovation or planning permission.

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Let us take a closer look at some implications of investing in solar energy for agriculture:

Most importantly: Overall Costs

Amidst soaring fuel and energy bills and the widespread supply disruption resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more important for farmers and agriculture business owners to save money where they can.

Although the initial costs of installing solar panelling in your home or farm building may be relatively high, the long-term financial benefits are obvious – your energy bills will be significantly lower, especially if you run a dairy farm or other business that relies heavily on electrically powered refrigeration, heat lamps or shed lighting.

It is also possible to have solar panelling installed on your farm with financial assistance from the government.

Solar panelling also requires significantly less maintenance in the long term, helping you to make further savings for your business down the years.

With a proposed easing of planning regulations related to solar panels in the UK, it is likely that homeowners may also be able to install solar panels domestically without paying for planning permission in the near future.

Now more crucial than ever: Environmental Impact

In the same way that using solar panels to power your farm can help to reduce outgoings, it can also directly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases, an increasingly pressing issue for business owners in the UK.

As perhaps, the most reliable true renewable energy source out there, solar power is noise and waste-free and can directly increase the value of your property and produce – a recent trial of solar farms at sheep grazing sites even led to a reported increase in the quality and quantity of wool produced.

By installing solar panels in your farm, you could do your bit to reduce environmental harm, increase efficiency and even boost profit margins.

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