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What should I do if I see a sheep on its back?

If sheep are left in this position, it can lead to a slow, uncomfortable death and makes them extremely vulnerable to predators.

That’s the message being highlighted by St. Abbs Lighthouse Holiday Cottages on social media.

“This time of year, is rife for sheep getting on their backs and not being able to get back up again.”

“Although they may look amusing, for a sheep being in this position can cause them great danger as their bodies cannot function properly in this position.”

“So, please, if you are walking through the countryside and you see this, roll the sheep over and get them back on their feet as soon as possible as you may save their life!”

“It surprises me how many people live in rural areas that aren’t aware of this – spread the message and you could save a life!” the post concluded. 

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Image source: St. Abbs Lighthouse Holiday Cottages Facebook

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