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VIDEO: Graphic Content: Seroma

Barbara Beci, a large animal vet, was recently presented with a case where a cow stopped eating one-month after a C-section.  

In a post on Instagram, she explained that the animal was constantly losing weight, had a constant fever and had no reaction to antibiotics.

Despite this, Beci explained, the cow still had sufficient milk for her calf, but “looked tympanic on her left side”. 

Barbara conducted a surgical procedure with assistance sought from Jonas Spruyt. 

“[A] new incision was made, caudoventral from the last incision. Seroma was quite deep and [it] was very hard to say between which muscles layers it was.”

30 or more litres of yellow clear fluid were drained out. “[The] wound was half closed and drain was placed.

It took almost one-month for the wound to close completely. “The cow immediately got her appetite back. Full rumen also helped with the healing process.”

“It pushed from inside out the rest of the fluids and ‘glued’ the layers of the abdominal wall.”

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