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Catherina Cunnane
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Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Livestock auctioneers can sell cattle from the comfort of their home

Online auction provider, MartEye, has launched Rostrum, a new app empowering auctioneers to “run sales from anywhere”.

The company believes the application, which has been in development for months, is a “world-first”.

In a brief post on social media on Saturday (February 27th), a spokesperson for MartEye, said: “Can’t make it to the mart? Just bring the mart to you. Introducing Rostrum, our new app empowering auctioneers to run sales from anywhere.”

“This has been months in development, and we believe is a world first. If you are a mart and want to do a remote sale, get in touch.”

Rostrum’s launch follows the development of a digital gavel, which the company, also believes is “the first of its kind”. The vibrating digital gavel is hand-carved from sustainable ash and syncs offline and online auctions.

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Award-winning agricultural software engineers founded MartEye at the beginning of COVID-19 to help marts and farmers buy and sell livestock online.

Now, 50 marts and auction centres across Ireland and the UK uses MartEye to sell livestock, land, and machinery. Within six months after launching, the Portershed-based firm grew at a phenomenal rate with over 50,000 active users.

Previously, MartEye co-founder, Mark McGann, said: “Our goal was to create a product that would be affordable, easy to use and could be set-up quickly.”

“We consulted with mart owners early on to establish their needs along with the needs of the sellers and buyers.”

“We currently have over 50k active users. More than €150 million has been sold through the platform in just a few short months.”

“When marts started letting buyers in again, our downloads and engagement continued to grow at pace. The average time people spend in an app is usually around 5 minutes, and with MartEye, it is five times that.”

“Tens of thousands”. of buyers rely on MartEye to purchase stock every day.

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