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‘Rostrums are the altars of fair trade’

A few words of reflection and praise for those ladies and gentlemen who live for the livestock auction, in a literal sense, and who live ‘by the sword’, writes Iwan Llwyd Folkes.

When that timely moment ultimately returns – of oak hammering the tarnished rostrums of these British Isles to a learned audience.

Those age-old rostrums, varnished, all nigh polished by the sweat of generations of instinctive auctioneers.

Orators, risk-takers, price setters, trade regulators – not merely chanting songbirds.

When that moment returns, of heavy, forward golden cream Charolais-cross bullocks bursting the seams of an archaic, yet exacting, weighing sales.

Before catching the admiration of the gentlemen of Anglesey and the Lowlands of the age-old English Shires.

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If only that moment came sooner rather than later. Rostrums are the altars of fair trade.

Long live each and every livestock market – from the ultra-supermarkets to the seasonal fairs.

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