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Reports of factories ‘intimidating’ farmers who are selling online through marts

ICSA sheep chair, Sean McNamara, has said the impending bank holiday weekend has seen factories “pull prices again for no reason”.

He described this week’s cuts as “completely unjustified”, given that lambs are still not that plentiful and demand remains strong at retail-level. 

“Time and again we see factories pulling excuses out of the bag in an attempt to explain away price cuts and it just doesn’t wash.”

Lamb, he added, is not getting any cheaper for the consumer, yet the farmer is being expected to produce it for less, just because it is a bank holiday.


“I am also receiving reports of factories intimidating farmers who are selling online through the marts.”

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“They appear to be using this additional information available through online sales to see who is selling what and when, and then using it against them.”

“Farmers need to resist these tactics at all times and insist on getting paid properly.” the sheep chair concluded.

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