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Read: Lambing poem

The following poem has been compiled by Jan Millward.

Good luck to all you lambers
I hope you get some sleep.
If you have too much trouble,
you could try counting sheep!

A shout to all the ladies,
with broken fingernails.
carrying buckets of ewe nuts,
in paper sacks and pails.

Good luck to all you shepherds
with weary arms and legs.
Out with gel and torches,
checking on the tegs.

I’m thinking of you farmers
leaving your cosy beds,
with PJs tucked in wellies
inspecting ewes in sheds.

Three cheers to all the workers
with purple stains and scratches.
Heads bent against the weather,
battening down the hatches.

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To those of you who smell like
you haven’t washed for days.
Who don’t know what the time is
and nights pass in a haze.

Well done to those young students
who are willing to work hard,
keeping everything going
and tidying up the yard.

To all who have bruised fingers,
with straw stuck in their hair.
who deal with all the problems
when life seems far from fair.

To those who are eating muesli
because they haven’t time to shop.
Having to keep on going,
working until they drop.

Well done to our British shepherds
you really are the best.
and when lambing is all over
make sure you get a rest!


For more information, see Jan’s Facebook page or website.

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