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Catherina Cunnane
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‘Electric powertrain’ with ‘industry-leading’ HP and fewer moving parts

Polaris’ all-new, all-electric RANGER XP Kinetic will arrive in dealerships across Ireland this summer.

The company claims it has tested its newest powertrain in “extreme” conditions and on “treacherous” terrain.

It elevates the industry’s “hardest working, smoothest riding UTV to a whole new level of capability, durability and performance”.

“Industry-leading” 110 HP and 140lb-ft of instant torque deliver maximum capability for confidently hauling and towing heavy loads even over the toughest terrain.

A company spokesperson said: “Together, the unmatched horsepower and torque gives customers the power they need, when they need it, for the ability to tow 1,134kg and haul an industry-best 567kg effortlessly.”

RANGER XP Kinetic also features 35.5cm of ground clearance to rise over obstacles confidently.

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It is equipped with 74-centimetre, 8-ply Pro Armor X-Terrain tyres for maximum traction and durability to crawl over rocks and ruts.

And with 25.4-centimetres of suspension travel, XP Kinetic “smooths out” the bumps so customers can ride comfortably in challenging terrain.

Fewer moving parts and less maintenance

According to the company, its newest machine features fewer moving parts, meaning less maintenance and more uptime.

Furthermore, the electric powertrain does not require:

  • Oil changes;
  • Filter replacements;
  • Spark plugs;
  • Clutch maintenance.

The company expects scheduled maintenance costs to be 70% less than average maintenance costs for similar fuel-powered vehicles.

RANGER XP Kinetic also features a full-coverage front bumper and full-body skid plate for added vehicle protection while riding on tough terrain.

According to Steve Menneto, president of Polaris Off-Road, the RANGER XP Kinetic “unlocks” the benefits of electrification. This enables customers to “drive efficiency and get more done, giving them the power to do more than ever before”.


RANGER XP Kinetic comes as a three-seat model and will feature a Premium and Ultimate trim.

The Premium trim contains a single 14.9 kWh lithium-ion battery that offers an estimated range of 45 miles (70 kilometres).

The Ultimate trims deliver 29.8 kWh of battery capacity and offer an estimated range of 80 miles (130 kilometres).

Also, it offers an 18-centimetre infotainment screen powered by RIDE COMMAND technology.

Shifter design and drive modes

A 12V cargo box outlet is convenient for powering accessories like sprayers or charging portable batteries.

A new shifter design includes high, low, neutral and park. However, it features a new, integrated switch for forward and reverse. Customers change directions with the flip of a switch, making tasks such as ploughing fast and efficient.

In addition to high and low gear, RANGER XP Kinetic also has three drive modes for maximum versatility optimised to driving conditions and range management:

  • Eco+: Optimises torque and top speed for maximum range and light-duty jobs;
  • Standard: Optimises throttle response for everyday driving and moderate-sized jobs;
  • Sport: Optimises throttle response for spirited driving and the toughest jobs.

Convenient charging options are designed to fit specific customer needs and are as easy as plugging into a standard wall outlet.

Whether customers are looking for an overnight charge or a quick top-off during the lunch hour, they are covered.

XP Kinetic comes standard with a combined Level 1 / Level 2 EV charge cord that allows you to charge from a 120V or 240V outlet.

Factory-installed on-board charging rate is 3kW for the premium trim and 6kW for the Ultimate trim. Both can reach full charge from 0% in as-fast-as 5 hours as equipped.

With the available accessory onboard charging system, rates can be boosted to 6kW for Premium and 9kW for Ultimate for up to 50% faster charge times.

The company recommends a 240V power supply for the fastest charging and can deliver over four times faster charging than a standard 120V outlet.

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