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Why raising goats is more profitable than you think

Corey Tyner discusses how raising goats could be more profitable than you think.

When people think of goats, they do not realize how much money can be made by the proper care and raising of these animals.

They are more than just noisy and fun creatures; they are also capable of producing milk that has health benefits, creating wool that can be warm and soft, and helping farmers make a profit without having to try too hard.

These are some of the ways these animals can be profitable and why they’re an excellent investment for any animal.

Using their milk for wellness products

Thanks to lactic acid, fats, and probiotics in goat milk, it’s fantastic for healthy skin and hair. This means goat milk soap can protect your skin from acne or irritation, reduce inflammation, and give you noticeably softer skin.

Informing buyers of the benefits of goat’s milk soap is easy because you just have to tell them the truth on what it can do and why it’s so good for them.

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It has benefits from evening out the complexion to reducing obvious signs of wrinkles or aging, and when used in soaps, it can be gentle while cleaning your body.

Goat soaps in bar form can cost anywhere between five to fifteen euros each, which means you can make a great profit off of them.

Using their milk for food products

Goat milk is a fantastic source of protein, fats, vitamins, iron, and other nutrients that help us have stronger teeth and bones.

For consumers, this means that you can encourage healthier growth in children and stronger bones even in old age. It can also help with cholesterol levels in those with high blood cholesterol, a growing concern in many countries.

Goats milk is most popularly used in cheese, but you can also sell it as whole milk, or if you love to bake and cook, you can turn it into bread and desserts to sell.

Although it has a more noticeable flavour than cow’s milk, it’s worth it because it’s good for our bodies.

Renting them out for lawn maintenance

Goats love to eat. Many people rent out goats in the American South to keep the invasive species ‘kudzu’ at bay.

Although this is not such a large issue in the UK, goats are still fantastic at keeping lawn care at bay.

They are earth-friendly, since they do not burn on fuel or let off any pollution and are easy to transport. If this practice was to happen in Ireland, you could rent out a goat for lawn maintenance and make €350 to €700 euros per acre.

This can be a great way to gain money since you have to drive your goats out, let them loose, and ensure that they are healthy and not wandering into any trouble.

As an added plus, this ensures that your goats will stay well-fed and can save you money on buying feed during the warmer months.

Breeding interesting or unique goats

Goat breeding is becoming an increasingly popular pastime for many people. Not only is it interesting to see all of the unique breeds that can result from this, but showing goats can be a great way to make a lot of money.

Of course, it is impossible to get more beautiful than a young Damascus goat or more unique looking than a grown one: but you can create a breed that stands out on its own.

Being a breeder of rare goats may not sound like much, but even Damascus goats, which people know even outside of goat circles, can fetch as much as €58,000 for one goat.

It can take time to build up a good breeding selection that can bring that much money: but if you’re confident in your abilities, it’s worth it.

Shearing goat wool

Some goats, like angora or cashmere, can bring in a great profit. These breeds are called fiber goats, and although sheep are more well known for their wool: goats have far softer and luxurious coats when raised correctly.

There are currently over ten types of cashmere goats and a kind of angora goat: and they create some of the warmest fibers in the world.

A neutered male can create more fiber than any other animal, which means that you can gain a lot of money by ensuring that these animals are kept dry, fed, and well cared for.

Shearing happens twice a year on average and can create eight to twelve pounds of fiber every time they are sheared: this is almost 800 euro of wool per goat, twice a year. The more goats you have, of course, the more profitable this becomes.

These animals are capable of more than you’d believe!

Although goats are popular animals and have gained a large following in many farming communities, they are full of possibilities beyond what many would assume.

Take the time to care for these fantastic animals, and you can make a good profit.

About the author:

Corey is a farm and land buying consultant.

Read about goat farming.

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