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Proactive ways to instantly relieve stress in your dog

People are constantly looking for ways to reduce their stress levels. A lot of these people find their stress lowered simply by having a pet.

However, our pets can also develop unhealthy levels of stress. Much of the time, we are the reasons for our pet’s stress.

Dogs, in particular, are known for absorbing their owners stress and developing their very own anxiety problems. Other dogs simply develop stress due to other lifestyle factors.

Either way, it is important to make an effort to keep your dog happy and comfortable, and to relieve him of stress and anxiety.

Dogs get stressed just like us. Research shows that some dogs can get more stressed if left in the wrong environment.

Surprisingly, It is now possible to obtain a dog stress test as more owners get worried about anxiety, behavioural issues and generally increased aggression in their dogs.

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While there is an abundance of information available to us to relieve stress, accurate information to help dogs unwind is not as readily available.

Remember nothing will beat spending quality time with your canine friend. Simple things like regular dog grooming (brushing hair, regular baths, picking up a quality dog nail grinder, clipping and cutting hair etc) are always recommended. 

Proactive ways to instantly relieve stress in your dog


This is by far the easiest way to reduce stress levels in your canine friend. Daily exercise is ideal for stress relief as it is proven to keep your dog happier and healthier for longer.

Any physical activity like walking, playing, or swimming will work as long as it happens routinely every day. 


“Doga” Is a trending form of stress relief that is popular at the moment. Doga is when your dog participates in the dog version of yoga. This works perfectly as you can participate in the activity as well, giving you the option to attend the class too.

It’s a harmless way to increase activity, build a better connection and keep your dog’s stress levels down.

Stress relief toys

These can work wonders to keep your dog’s stress levels down. Things like specialized treats and unique toys will help calm an anxious mind. Remarkably these stress relief toys come in all shapes and sizes including those that have an interactive twist.

It’s worth a shot to explore this area to see if a simple toy can provide some light relief.

Calming music and sounds

Just like in humans, dogs can sense the calmness and tranquillity in music. Classical music or music that is gentle and has a clear flow to it will work best. Anything with lyrics should be avoided unless it’s communicated calmly.

The best part of using relaxing music to help with anxious dogs is you can have the music playing even when you are away from home.

Attitude check

As simple as it might sound your attitude plays a vital role in effective canine stress management. Your dog picks up a lot of how they think and feels by what they see you go through, even if that negative attitude is not towards them.

If you are going through a difficult time then it’s recommended to try and shield your dog from any explosive or violent swings in mood. This will help keep your dog in a more harmonious state for longer.

Once you’ve calmed down feel free to reach back out to your canine friend.

Limit social activity

It’s common for dogs to trigger stress and anxiousness when in public. Dogs react differently to having other dogs around them and not all are happy with lots of doggie friends.

Instead, keep your dog away from other dogs if they are feeling very stressed or limit the interaction with less intimidating dogs and breeds. 

Spend more quality time

Sensitive dogs need more one on one time and nothing soothes a dog more than a good old-fashioned hug and rub! Wrap your dog in a blanket, let them lay on your lap and just have some downtime with your canine friend.

If they prefer tummy tickles, then do that. It doesn’t have to be scheduled but it does have to be regular and deliberate. Your dog may just need more attention from you as they go through a stressful developmental milestone.

Try not to leave your do along for too long.

Leaving your dog alone for long periods of the day when they are highly stressed is a bad idea. When you are forced to leave your dog alone, provide him with plenty of toys for stimulation. Try cognitive dog toys that force the dogs to work to receive treats from out of the toy.

These toys will give your dog a sense of purpose, and distract him from his time

alone. Chew toys may also help to soothe some dogs.

Dog companion

Additionally, some dogs do well with another dog for company. However, it is difficult to justify getting a second dog when you already have difficulties finding the time to spend with your first dog.

Only get a second dog if you are certain that you have adequate time and resources to spend with both dogs. Never get a second dog to babysit your first dog.

Remember though that no toys are substitutes for human interaction. Be sure to let your dog spend time with you whenever you can, and consider investing in a doggy daycare, pet sitter, or dog walker to keep your dog content when you cannot be around.


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