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Poem: Silage Season

The following poem has been compiled by Mattie White.

“And so, it begins,
Silage season is here.
When agri contractors and farmers,
Will all be stressed up to their ears.

The phones will be ringing,
The calls coming in.
The weather might break,
Jesus how can we win.

The grass mowed down,
They tell ya leave it a day.
Any longer than that,
Sure what you have be real hay.

The heat of the sun,
On the warm summer’s day.
That won’t worry me,
Sure I’ve air conditioning some will say.

The pipes will be bursting,
The oil it will be spilt.
The blades and shafts getting broken,
In this job there’s all kinds of thrills.

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The throttle flat out,
The smoke it will bellow.
Éamon Ryan and the greens,
With envy would turn yellow 

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