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FG-FF document: Plans to plant 440 million trees by 2040

Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael have published a draft framework document that they hope will help facilitate negotiations with other parties once the COVID-19 crisis has ended.

The document outlines 10 new missions that they believe will help “recover, rebuild and renew” Ireland after the COVID-19 emergency.

The 10 missions

  • Reigniting and renewing the economy;
  • Universal healthcare;
  • Housing for all;
  • A new social contract;
  • A new green deal;
  • A better quality of life for all;
  • Supporting young Ireland;
  • Opportunities through education and research;
  • A shared island;
  • At the heart of Europe: global citizenship.

What does this mean for farmers?

A lot of the plans set out in this document will impact farmers, both positively and negatively.

That’s Farming has summarised some of those measures:

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  • Set new carbon reduction targets, identifying and implementing early significant changes and underpinned with a clear road map for delivery;
  • Increase the carbon tax, in line with the agreed cross-party trajectory of €80 per tonne by 2030;
  • Continue to recognise and support Irish agriculture in its ongoing transition to emission efficiency;
  • Plant 440 million trees by 2040;
  • Following Brexit, seek to achieve an ambitious, zero-tariff, zero quotas, free trade agreement between the EU and the United Kingdom (UK);
  • Be willing to contribute more to the EU budget, to advance the ideals of the EU including, for example, the common agricultural policy (CAP);
  • Recognise the importance of agriculture, fisheries, tourism and other sectors that support balanced regional development and employment in rural Ireland;
  • Develop a series of sector-specific responses through the National Economic Plan (e.g. retail, tourism, hospitality, agriculture, manufacturing, construction etc.);
  • Deliver a strong Just Transition, which ensures that no citizen or region is left behind;
  • Reduce the cost of land to improve the affordability of housing, employing all measures up to and including referenda.

Radical action 

A spokesperson for the potential coalition stated that there is no going back to previous ways, therefore, radical action is needed: “Radical actions have been taken to protect as many people as possible, and new ways of doing things have been found in a time of crisis. The importance of the well-resourced, properly functioning and responsive state has never been clearer.”

“With a view to forming a historic coalition, we now invite other parties and groupings to enter discussions on building a Programme for Government. Our citizens deserve a Government that works for the good of Ireland and its people – a Government that lasts. Let us build it together,” the statement concluded.

Full document 

To view the document in full, click here.

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