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Pigs receive over 100,000 pints of unused beer

Butcombe Brewing Co has been recycling unused beer to feed local pigs. 

The Bristol-based brewery retrieved over 1,500 casks of beer from customers who had to close their doors when lockdown came into force back in March. 

This initiative has prevented over 108,000 pints of beer from being poured down the drain, according to the company.

Instead of disposing of the returned beer, the brewery has mixed it with other brewing by-products such as yeast and spent hops to produce a semi-liquid animal feed. 

The UK water industry has reported that beer that has become unsaleable as a result of the lockdown will need to be disposed of. 

But, where a robust risk assessment allows for the recovery of beer kegs and casks, publicans are being encouraged to consider other options for repurposing waste beer for animal feed or feed for anaerobic digestion.

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‘A natural move’ 

Marc McGuigan, MD, Butcombe Brewing Co says: “At Butcombe, we always have sustainability and the environment front of mind. We already give our used brewing grain to a local farmer, so this was a natural move for us. 

“Our beer is made with real skill and passion so it didn’t seem right to just pour it all down the drain, not to mention the effect this would have on the sewerage system. “

“Our team has been busy collecting the beer from the pubs and bringing it back to the brewery so it can be turned into a nutritious animal feed which we then give to a local farmer.” McGuigan concluded.

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