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PHOTOS: Farmers spread cattle/pig slurry to stop ‘unwelcome’ visitors at ‘beauty hotspot’

A group of farmers have reportedly utilised a mix of cattle and pig slurry to deter visitors from what has been described as a “beauty hotspot”.

The action was taken at Hoffman Quarry, a privately-owned property in Harpur Hill in Derbyshire.

Locals repeatedly raised concerns over rising visitor numbers and health and safety of those who visit the site, which is a toxic former lime quarry.

‘You will get covered in animal waste’

In a post on Facebook on June 19th, EH UP High Peak said: “It’s not blue, it’s not nice, it’s toxic, it’s a dump! Local farmers have this morning taken it upon themselves and spread cow/pig slurry in a bid to stop unwelcome visitors.”

“This is a disused quarry (Hoffman Quarry) Harpur Hill Buxton. If you’re thinking about travelling for miles for this, unfortunately don’t waste your time, you will get covered in animal waste.”

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An updated post on the community page on June 20th, “Day 2 Harpur Hill – Farmers continue to spread slurry at Hoffman Quarry, also known online as the Blue Lagoon – But as you can see it’s far from that now.”

“You’ll be covered in cow/pig waste. DON’T VISIT, DON’T ABUSE LOCALS. Action has been taken after a huge amount of visitors trespassing and travelling from all over the country to see the quarry, also an allegedly illegal rave was planned for this weekend.”

“And with locals receiving abuse and continued drug use, and visitors also leaving huge amounts of litter, residents have had enough. Welcome to the POOLAGOON. The slurry is thick and is expected to last a couple of weeks before more action.”


Image source: EH UP High Peak Facebook

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