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Over 600 southern cattle slaughtered in north last week

Base quotes for in-spec U-3 prime cattle ranged from 360-366p/kg across plants in Northern Ireland this week, according to the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC).

It reported that the majority of plants quoted in the region of 362-364p/kg for steers and heifers.

“Similar quotes are expected for early next week. Quotes for O+3 grading cows ranged from 270- 280p/kg across the plants this week with similar quotes expected for Monday.”


Prime cattle throughput totalled 6,429 head in NI last week, up 312 head from the previous week. In the corresponding week last year, 5,537 prime cattle were processed in local plants.

Cow throughput remained strong in NI last week with 2,104 cows processed; this was similar to the previous week and up marginally from the 2,053 cows processed in the same week last year.


Cattle imports from ROI for direct slaughter in local plants last week included 448 prime cattle and 173 cows while a further two steers and 33 cows were imported from GB, the LMC added.

Live cattle exports last week from NI to ROI for direct slaughter included two steers and 52 cows, while no cattle were exported from NI to GB for direct slaughter.


“The deadweight trade for prime cattle in NI reported a mixed trade last week.”

The average steer price last week was up 1.5p/kg to 366.3p/kg while the R3 steer price increased by a similar margin to 375.4p/kg, however, the average heifer price was back by 1.3p/kg to 367.6p/kg with the R3 heifer price decreasing by a similar margin to 374.4p/kg.

The average young bull price in NI last week was up by 0.6p/kg to 357.3p/kg while the R3 young bull price was back half a penny at 366.1/kg.

In NI last week, the average cow price was back by 2.7p/kg to 267.2p/kg with the O3 cow price declining by 3.8p/kg to 288.7p/kg.


Last week in GB, the deadweight cattle trade continued to strengthen, according to the LMC.

The GB average steer price last week increased by 2.8p/kg to 369.3p/kg with the R3 steer price increasing by 2.4p/kg to 376.9p/kg.

The R3 steer price increased across all of the GB regions except the Midlands and Wales where a decrease of 1.5p/kg was reported.

In GB last week, the overall average heifer and R3 heifer price were both up by a similar margin to 369.9p/kg and 375.9p/kg, respectively, the LMC pointed out.

The R3 heifer price reported an increase across all of the GB regions except the Midlands and Wales where a decrease of 1.3p/kg was reported.

The cow trade also continued to improve in GB last week with the O3 cow price up by 2.7p/kg to 289.5p/kg.


“In ROI last week, a weakening in the euro against sterling has influenced the deadweight cattle prices in sterling terms with declines reported across the majority of grades.”

The R3 steer price decreased by 0.6p/kg to the equivalent of 340.6p/kg, 34.8p/kg behind the same price in NI, the LMC reported/

“The R3 heifer price decreased by 1.3p/kg to 343.2p/kg which places it 31.2p/kg behind the equivalent price in NI.”

“The O3 cow price in ROI last week reported a price of 269.1p/kg, back 2p/kg from the previous week and 19.6p/kg below the O3 cow price in NI.” the LMC concluded.

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