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‘Open up the marts’ – Healy-Rae

“Open up the marts,” – those were the words of Danny Healy-Rae who stressed the need for competition in the marketplace earlier this afternoon (Thursday, April 30th).

The independent TD slammed the increase in carbon tax, which will see the price of fuel rise from May 1st during a time when “the whole country is closed down”.

Raising questions to An Taoiseach, Healy-Rae, said: “Ye are doing your best to get the Greens on board – what will the carbon tax be when ye will have them with ye? They are talking about reducing the national herd.”

“We read today that the US is in terrible trouble in providing beef and we are supposed to reduce the national herd.”


The independent TD raised numerous concerns in light of the Covid-19 outbreak during the Dáil sitting.

He called on the United Nations (UN) to conduct an international investigation into “how and when this virus began in China”.

“Is it a case that ye don’t want to know? Because I can tell you that all those who have lost loved ones to this deadly disease would like to know and be told the truth.” he added.

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