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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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7 Norwegian Red bulls available through Dovea Genetics

“Norwegian Reds are fitting perfectly into the Irish dairy system,” according to Geno SA’s regional sales manager for EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Diego GALLI, who has 15 years of experience working with dairy crossbred genetics and Norwegian Reds.

During Dovea Genetics’ recent virtual Norwegian Red information night earlier this month, the Norwegian Red expert highlighted how the breed has “proven to be” the number one leader in dairy genetics for health and fertility.

He explained how Norwegian Red genetics can increase lactations/cow, increase milk yield per lifetime, improve calf quality and add dairy strength.

Galli has been responsible for establishing the breed’s distribution in Italy and other EU markets.

During his address Galli previewed seven AI bulls which are available through Geno, a breeding co-operative representing approximately all Norwegian dairy farmers, operating in 30 markets worldwide, including the EU, America, Asia and Australia. Dovea Genetics has had close ties with the firm as its exclusive Irish distributor since 2015.

  • 11690 Roen (NR5881);
  • 11921 Krovoll (NR4941);
  • 12255 Nerby-P (NR9926);
  • 1222 NR Skoien (NR8832);
  • 12116 Sausvatn-PP (NR8829);
  • 111864 Smaagarda-P (NR4476);
  • 11817 Hustad (NR4944).

11690 Roen (NR5881):

  • Skei X Velsvik;
  • Daughter-proven – Over 1,700 daughters in Norway alone;
  • No 1 NR sire on EBI – €306;
  • No 1 daughter-proven international bull on ICBF;
  • No 5 daughter-proven bull (INT+ IRL);
  • No 1 NR daughter-proven sire for longevity in Norway – All rankings above from ICBF’s November 202 active bull list;
  • High milk, protein and fats (daughters at 8% if you combine protein and fat);
  • Very easy calving;
  • Low mastitis frequently;
  • Low SCC;
  • Short but strong daughters that have lower requirements than the majority regarding maintenance;
  • Sexed and conventional semen available.

11921 Krovoll (NR4941):

  • Reitan 2 (NR2016) x Eik (EKE);
  • Daughter proven – Just under 2,000 daughters in Norway;
  • No 1 component Norwegian Red bull in Ireland;
  • No 3 daughter-proven international bull on ICBF November 2022 active bull list;
  • No 1 NR available for protein % in Norway;
  • High daughter fertility;
  • “Great” for health traits;
  • Daughters have “good” temperament, width and depth;
  • “Good” on beef traits;
  • Daughters in Norway: 4.41% fat and 3.70% protein – above average figures in Norway;
  • Sexed and conventional semen available.

12255 Nerby-P (NR9926):

  • Lysevoll x Nedrebo;
  • New sire;
  • 50% polled;
  • Extremely high % sire;
  • Produce medium-size cows with “excellent” daughter fertility;
  • No 1 sire for Norwegian Grazing Index;
  • No 1 sire for udder health;
  • “Excellent” under conformation;
  • “Breed leader” for longevity;
  • Leading some categories in Norway;
  • Dam’s average all lactation: 5.28% and 4.00% protein, now in third lactation.

1222 NR Skoien (NR8832);

  • Storflor (S3686 – top sought-after bull of the past three years and became daughter proven in August) x Alm;
  • New sire;
  • Ticks all boxes;
  • “No 1 bull of the breed”;
  • Above the breed average for several standards for traits;
  • High production bull – %s and kgs;
  • “Very” easy calving;
  • High daughter fertility, health and longevity;
  • “Excellent” udders;
  • Good on beef index – males;
  • Dam: 1st lactation: 4.49% fat and 3.66% protein;
  • Conventional and sexed semen available.

12116 Sausvatn-PP (NR8829):

  • Ofstad-P x Olterud;
  • New sire;
  • 100% polled progeny – interest in polled genetics is “growing internationally”
  • “Very” high solids – both %s and KGs;
  • Daughters are fertile, short in stature, have “good” udders and have low maintenance requirements with mature body weights of 576kgs;
  • Low SCC;
  • Dam now in sixth lactation – average for all lactations: 5.35% fat and 3.70% protein;
  • Conventional and sexed semen available.

111864 Smaagarda-P (NR4476):

  • Saur-PP (NR4171) x Skei;
  • Daughter proven in Ireland – 192 daughters across 65 herds, with a further 1,190 daughters in Norway and just over 240 in the UK;
  • No 1 bull of the breed for daughter fertility;
  • High EBI;
  • “Very” easy calving;
  • “Good” for beef index – bull calves.

11817 Hustad (NR4944):

  • Reitain (NR2016) x Velsvik (VSK);
  • Daughter-proven – Just under 2,400 daughters in Norway;
  • All around bull with “high” percentages;
  • “Very” easy calving;
  • “Great” daughters with high fertility, disease resistance and “excellent” udders, feet and legs.

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