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Catherina Cunnane
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New TV show asking public to share their ‘most mortifying moments’

Clear History is a brand-new comedy panel show coming to RTÉ this Winter.

Host, Kevin McGahern, will be joined by regular panellists, Joanne McNally, and Colin Murphy, to put moments from their personal history on the chopping block.

Clear History rewrites the past in the name of comedy as a group of comedians and special guests relive moments, from their lives and ours, that could and should be done differently with the benefit of hindsight.

They will also be joined each week by well-known and emerging talent from the Irish comedy scene, all of whom make a living out of reliving their personal social faux pas, as well as special guests from the world of entertainment, sport and politics.

Input from members of the public

Each of the guests will team up with either Joanne or Colin, making sure that throughout the show there is an added impetus for each guest to playfully grill others on why their story deserves to be cleared.

“We will also delve into Ireland’s colourful past and select unforgettable and regrettable moments that, if given the opportunity, could do with being cleared from history.”

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“Additionally, Clear History will give members of the public a chance to have their most mortifying moments wiped from existence as they share hilarious, cringe-inducing tales of trauma.”

To have your moment featured on the show send a short video of yourself telling your story to [email protected]

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