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New survey seeks farmers’ views on environmental schemes

A farm organisation has created a survey to determine farmers’ view ahead of the roll-out of any future environmental schemes under the EU Farm to Fork initiative.

The Farm Family Rights’ Group has compiled a series of questions in a brief 9-minute survey which can be found here.

“We are trying to get this survey to the wider agricultural community to get a clear picture of how farmers feel about this strategy.”

“The information gathered will give a clear statement on how farmers actually feel about the Farm to Fork strategy and environmental schemes.”


“The EU’s landmark Farm to Fork strategy will, in the not too distant future, be on our doorstep. This initiative has, at present, created more questions than answers for farmers such as, how is this going to affect your farm?”

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“What will be required of you and your farm? What will environmental changes mean for your farming system? Will this be a positive initiative or a negative initiative for your farm?

“At this moment in time, no one seems to have the answers, rather than take a wait and see approach.”

“Farmers themselves should voice their opinions and let the policymakers in this country know whether or not Farm to Fork will have a positive or negative impact on their farms.”

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