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New app developed to help Irish producers through Covid-19

A new app has been developed, called Eat For Ireland, that ‘connects Irish shoppers and diners with Irish food producers and hospitality sector during covid-19 crisis’.

The developers say this app is free and available for use by all outlets, producers and consumers throughout the entire island of Ireland.

Eat for Ireland

The app is said to be especially useful for those cocooning and therefore are unable to go to shops. There are two categories offered: cook-it-yourself and cooked-for-you, where a customer can choose to either buy fresh Irish ingredients or ‘eat out at home’.

The app was developed by Donal Moran, Managing Director of Cork-based software company, WASP Technologies, and Irish food writer Joe McNamee, who worked on the app’s editorial content and structure.

How does it work?

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Independent food businesses can advertise themselves to consumers who can then search for a specific product or type of food and order from the comfort of their own home.

Businesses simply upload a brief description of their operation and offering, along with a link to further relevant information about their temporary safe-selling business model.

The developers say “EatForIreland is a web-based directory app, not a shopping app, so it links consumers to the individual member’s primary web page with details of how to order, purchase and collect or take delivery of the particular member’s offering”. 

The developers

Donal Moran, developer of Eat For Ireland, said: “My background is in software development, and my own company, WASP Technologies, deals with many of Irelands largest food companies, so I could see first-hand the strain being put on the nation’s food supply chain.”

“We are all struggling to think of what we can do to help during this period, and so the app was born. Our hope is that we can succeed in easily connecting food producers with new customers through our app, and we make a meaningful contribution during these challenging times.”

Joe McNamee, Irish food writer, commented: “Food plays a central role in my daily life, both professionally and personally, and I could see very early on the enormous pain being inflicted on the Irish hospitality sector and the Irish producers of the truly world-class food.”

“Protecting Irish food is not just about serving up fancy treats at the weekend, this is also about protecting jobs and protecting our national food security right across the island, and to ensure we come through this with our superb food sector still able to deliver some of the very finest food to be found anywhere in the world,” he concluded.

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