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VIDEO: More than 120 goats overtake town during Covid-19 lockdown

A herd of mountain goats have taken over a town in Wales, where they can be found foraging plants around the town centre.

Llandudno has become the new home for the goats as Covid-19 leaves the streets empty.

With the global pandemic forcing the locals into lockdown, up to 120 Kashmiri goats have moved into Llandudno, North Wales. The goats usually reside in Great Orme, a country park on a coastal headland.

The streets are now filled with goats that are eating the hedges and greenery of local households and businesses and becoming more confident each day. A local man reported that they have become unfazed by people or cars

Kashmir goats have been found on the Great Orme, near Llandudno, since the days of Queen Victoria. These goats gained popularity across Britain because of their soft cashmere wool.

North Wales Police issued a cautionary appeal, saying: “It’s great to see the media reaction around the Great Orme Goats that we are very fond of locally.”

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“However, please do not travel to Llandudno to see them at this time. That would not be essential travel and is putting unnecessary demand on all public services. You will be welcome to visit Llandudno to see the resident goats once the restrictions are lifted.”

Image source: @Andrew Stuart Twitter

Video source: You know you are from LLandudno if you….. Facebook

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