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‘More bite’ for forward stores and beef-types at Kilkenny

Just over 900 cattle went under the hammer at Kilkenny Mart on Thursday, July 2nd, according to George Candler.

The mart’s auctioneer said that trade was well maintained on last week’s levels.

“Extra customers around the ring and online generated plenty of interest, helped by the spurt of grass and the fact there was more bite for forward store and beef animals.”

“For the month of July, though, it would appear that forward store bullocks and heifers, plus beef-type animals are getting scarce,” Candler added.


  • 600kgs+ – €1.60-€2.30/kg or €970-€1,870/head;
  • 500-600kgs – €1.50-€2.40/kg or €750-€1,370/head;
  • 400-500kgs – €1.50-€2.60/kg or €570-€1,200/head;
  • <400kgs – €1.40-€2.70/kg or €480-€1,050.


  • Beef-types – €1.85-€2.20/kg or €980-€1,480;
  • Forward stores – €1.75-€2.35/kg or €840-€1,250;
  • Light stores – €1.90-€2.40/kg or €600-€900.

Cull cows:

  • Friesians – €0.95-€1.75/kg;
  • Continentals – €1.20-2.35/kg.
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