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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Irish Moiled breed has a future in modern farming systems

Moilie Cattle 

The response to the Online International Irish Moiled Cattle Show 2022 from breeders has again been incredible and the standard fantastic, writes a society spokesperson.

There were over one hundred entries from all three constituencies in the haltered and non-haltered sections; breeders submitted three photos and a short video.

With twenty classes to work through and eleven championships, the judge, Dan Bull from Dumfriesshire, Scotland, had a very busy time scrutinizing all the photos and videos put forward, which he described as “difficult but a very pleasurable experience”.

The Irish Moiled, a cattle breed steeped in history, an Irish and UK native breed of cattle that is indigenous to the island of Ireland, has a very natural adaptability to thrive whatever the farming system is.

This means that the breed has a future that is promising and encouraging, and it is down to the hard work put in from the society and from the breeders in promoting and producing an animal that ticks all the boxes when it comes to farmers looking for an easier kept breed.

Magnificent Moilie Online Timed Auction

For anyone wanting to purchase an Irish Moiled, the autumn Magnificent Moilie Online Timed Auction is taking place through auctioneers, Harrison & Hetherington, from 7 pm on Tuesday, September 27th, concluding at 7 pm on September 29th, 2022.

It is necessary to register with H & H to be able to bid.

There are many vendors that have taken the necessary action to secure the necessary approvals regarding the new BVD trade requirements to be able to export to the ROI.

Several of the animals entered in the Magnificent Moilie Online Sale were also entered in the online show.

Online show results: Champion

Burren Princess Pandora, a young 3-year-old, in-calf cow from N & M Moilies (Nigel Edwards & Michelle McCauley) based at Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, was crowned overall supreme champion of champions.

Burren Princess Pandora is by Castledale Maurice 2 EX94 and her dam is Curraghnakeely Pandora 7th EX94.

Her dam was a very successful show animal, having won many top accolades, which included overall haltered champion in the very first online show in 2020 when Burren Princess Pandora herself was the calf at foot, who also won haltered calf champion that year.

Now in the 2022 online show this young cow, a tremendous example of the Irish Moiled breed, Burren Princess Pandora took first place in the haltered cow class, senior haltered champion, and overall haltered champion before she took the overall title of overall supreme champion of champions.


Reserve overall supreme champion of champions went to Sam Smiley from Ballynahinch, Co. Down with Glassdrummond Cherry 45 (pictured below), recently classified in June, with an overall score of EX94.

The classifier was particularly impressed with her locomotion, giving her a score of EX97 for legs and feet.

Both her parents have been classified excellent; her sire Glassdrummond Tom EX92 and her dam Glassdrummond Cherry 17th EX92.

This very stylish cow cleaned up in the non-haltered section taking first in the cow class, winning senior non-haltered champion and overall non-haltered champion before taking the reserve supreme overall champion of champion’s spot.

Many animals from the Glassdrummond Cherry cow family have been very successful at many shows throughout many years.

However, there is the first time Glassdrummond Cherry 45 had been entered in any competition. She is a great consistent breeding cow for her owner, producing 10 calves in her twelve years and presently has a bull calf at foot.

2. Glassdrummond Cherry 45 Exhibited By S. Smiley,1st In Non Haltered Cow, Senior Non Haltered Champion, Overall Non Haltered Champion And Reserve Supreme Overall Champion Of Champions

Haltered section continued

Reserve senior champion was scooped by Woodbine Casper EX97 (pictured below) bred by Ciara and James White Co. Wexford.

His dam is Glassdrummond Lily 18 VG88, and his sire is Tully Jack EX92, now the main stock bull of the Ravelglen herd of Brian O’Kane, Martinstown, Ballymena.

This powerful stock bull is the highest classified bull in the breed and has an array of winnings, the latest was in July when he was awarded the overall breed champion in the recent (NI) Irish Moiled Cattle Society National Show held at Randox Antrim Agricultural Show 2022.

5. Woodbine Casper Exhibited By Brian O'kane Won 1st Place In Thehaltered Senior Bull Class And Reserve Senior Haltered Champion

Intermediate champion in the haltered section was won by Joe Boyce from Co. Limerick with Beechmount Lizzie (pictured below), who he acquired in last year’s Magnificent Moilie Online Auction from the renowned Beechmount herd of Robert Boyle based in Millisle, Co. Down.

This heifer is just fresh from showing in the live classes at the recent Tullamore Show in August where she won overall breed champion.

6. Beechmount Lizzie Exhibited By Joe Boyce Winner Of The Intermediate Haltered Heifer Class And Ntermediate Haltered. Reserve Champion Young Handler, Shane Boyce, Republic Of Ireland Constituency

Reserve intermediate champion in the haltered section went to Meencraig Cassie bred by Gerard McCloskey of Co. Derry and now owned by new and up-and-coming Irish Moiled breeder, Odrahan O’Neill from Strabane, Co. Tyrone.

This heifer has also won red rosettes this year at local agricultural shows in Northern Ireland.

Other awards

Junior champion in the haltered section went to N & M Moilies (Nigel Edwards & Michelle McCauley) with Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0563 (pictured below).

This eye-catching young heifer won the prestigious title of not only junior champion but the even more prestigious title of overall breed champion at the RUAS, Balmoral Show in May 2022.

It was this heifer who ended up being crowned reserve overall haltered champion in this year’s online show.

3. Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0563, Exibited By N&m Moilies Won 1st Prize Haltered Junior Heifer, Junior Haltered Champion And Reserve Overall Haltered Champion.
Image: Alfie Shaw

Reserve junior haltered champion went to a beautifully marked heifer Ravelglen Dolly 131 bred and owned by Brian O’Kane.

The haltered calf champion was won by a beautiful heifer calf, Ravelglen Emerald 271, bred and owned by Brian O’Kane and the reserve calf champion went to a well-made bull calf, Curraghnakeely Prudence, exhibited by N & M Moilies (Nigel Edwards & Michelle McCauley).

7. Ravelglen Dolly Exhibited By Brian O'kane, 2nd Prize Junior Haltered Heifer Class And Reserve Junior Haltered Junior Champion

Champion Pair was won by N & M Moilies, with reserve champion pairs going to Joe Boyce.

Champion young handler was won by Hollie O’Rourke, Katesbridge, Co. Down, with reserve champion young handler going to Shane Boyce from Co. Limerick.

Non-haltered section

It was in the senior category of the non-haltered section, the cow class, which had one of the biggest classes of 21 entries, that Judge Dan Bull, choose not only his overall non-haltered senior champion, Curraghnakeely Cherry 45 but also his reserve senior champion,  Glassdrummond Cherry 111.

Sam Smiley of Ballynahinch, Co. Down, breds and owns the two females.

The intermediate non-haltered champion was won by a smart heifer – Beechmount Babs, which Robert Boyle, Millisle owns and bred.

Reserve intermediate champion went to correct and well-balanced young bull, Ardfert Jackal, bred and exhibited by N & M Moilies (Nigel Edwards & Michelle McCauley)

Junior Champion in the non-haltered section was won by a powerful, perfectly balanced heifer, Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0576 (pictured below), exhibited by N & M Moilies (Nigel Edwards & Michelle McCauley).

She went on to win the overall reserve non- haltered champion. Another strong and fine example of the breed was Hollymount Charlotte, who took reserve junior champion owned by Robert Boyle.

4. Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0576 Exhibited By N&m Won 1st Prize Non Haltered Junior Heifer, Non Haltered Junior Champion And Reserve Overall Non Haltered Champion.

Calf champion and reserve calf champion in the non-haltered section went to two beautifully marked and full of breed character calves – Beechmount Bernie (heifer calf) and Beechmount Harry (bull calf), both bred and owned by Robert Boyle.

Overall half-bred champion went to a heifer calf called ‘Rita’ that came from the Damoily herd owned by Tyrone Graham of Markethill, Co. Armagh.

Judge’s remarks

“Congratulations to all that entered the show, and thank you all for taking the effort to do so and making it a difficult but pleasurable experience in judging the tremendous array of animals forward.”

“Personally, whatever pictures I take, they look nothing like the animals I am looking at!

“The pictures, and especially the videos sent in, vary very widely in capturing the animal at its best. As always, I have judged what is in front of me on the day.”

“All the animals’ forward states that the Irish Moiled breed is in good hands and has a future in modern farming practices.”

“I was looking for well-balanced, structurally correct, length in areas such as plates and loins, depth of body, the width of pins and hips, good locomotive and great Moilie character and colour in my placings in all the classes.”

He said the two “tremendous” senior cow classes were “packed with quality” throughout, and it is from here that he found his supreme overall champion in Burren Princess Pandora, presented by N+M Moilies and also the reserve supreme overall champion, the 12-year-old cow, Glassdrummond, Cherry 45 from Sam Smiley.”

He continued: “They are two completely different types of animals, but both are wonderful examples of the breed.”

“Once again, congratulations to all, and thank you for allowing me to judge the show,” he concluded.

Moilie cattle
Burren Princess Pandora


Haltered Section

Cow class

  • 1st. N&M Moilies – Burren Princess Pandora
  • 2nd. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 1st
  • 3rd. Brian O’Kane – Braefield Rachel

Senior bull class

  • 1st. Brian O’Kane – Woodbine Casper

Senior Champion; Burren Princess Pandora

Reserve Senior Champion; Woodbine Casper

Intermediate Heifer class

  • 1st. Joe Boyce – Beechmount Lizzie
  • 2nd. Odhran O’Neill – Meencraig Cassie

Intermediate Champion; Beechmount Lizzie

Reserve Intermediate Champion; Meencraig Cassie

Junior Heifer class

1st. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0563

2nd. Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Dolly

3rd. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Pandora 0564

Junior bull class

  • 1st. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Rojo
  • 2nd. Brain O’Kane – Glassdrummond Maestro
  • 3rd. Derek Steen – Ballylinney Oscar

Junior Champion; Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0563

Reserve Junior Champion; Ravelglen Dolly

Heifer calf class

  • 1st. Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Emerald 271
  • 2nd. N&M Moilies – Ballyreagh Lily 6757
  • 3rd. Sam Smiley – Glassdrummond Cherry 127

Bull calf class

  • 1st. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Prudence
  • 2nd. Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Tadgh
  • 3rd. Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Earl


  • Calf Champion – Ravelglen Emerald
  • Reserve Calf Champion – Curraghnakeely Prudence
  • Champion Pair; N&M Moilies
  • Reserve Champion Pair; Joe Boyce
  • Champion Young Handler; Hollie O’Roarke (NI)
  • Reserve Champion Young Handler; Shane Boyce (ROI)
  • Overall Haltered Champion; Burren Princess Pandora
  • Reserve Overall Haltered Champion; Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0563

Non-haltered section

Cow class

  • 1st. Sam Smiley – Glassdrummond Cherry 45
  • 2nd. Sam Smiley Glassdrummond Cherry 111
  • 3rd. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Bluebell 0482
  • 4th. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Cherry 0439
  • 5th. Robert Boyle – Clandeboye Louisa
  • 6th. Eimer McGrath – Woodbine Daisy
  • 7th. Dermot Gardiner – Glassdrummond Cherry 41

Senior bull class

  • 1st. Robert Boyle – Ballylinney Harry
  • 2nd Sam Smiley – Curraghnakeely Masterpiece

Senior Champion; Glassdrummond Cherry 45

Reserve Senior champion; Glassdrummond Cherry 111

Next: Intermediate Heifer class

  • 1st. Robert Boyle – Beechmount Babs
  • 2nd. Gerald McCloskey – Meencaig Maureen 2
  • 3rd. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Bessie 0556

Intermediate Bull class

  • 1st. N&M Moilies – Ardfert Jackal

Intermediate Champion; Beechmount Babs

Reserve Intermediate Champion; Ardfert Jackal

Junior Heifer class

  • 1st. N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0576
  • 2nd Robert Boyle – Hollymount Charlotte
  • 3rd. Brian O’Kane – Ravelglen Ramona 2

Junior Champion; Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0576

Reserve Junior Champion; Hollymount Charlotte

Heifer calf class

  • 1st. Robert Boyle – Beechmount Bernie
  • 2nd N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0594
  • 3rd. Dermot Gardiner – Ballycreggy Cherry 2

Bull calf class

  • 1st Robert Boyle – Beechmount Harry
  • 2nd N&M Moilies – Curraghnakeely Sylvester
  • 3rd. Nathalie Chitty – Betton Barney

Calf Champion; Beechmount Bernie

Reserve Calf Champion; Beechmount Harry

Half-Bred Heifer Calf class

  • 1st. Tyrone Graham – Rita

Overall results:

  • Half-Bred Champion – Rita
  • Overall Non-Haltered Champion; Glassdrummond Cherry 45
  • Reserve Overall Haltered Champion; Curraghnakeely Sylvia 0576
  • Supreme Overall Champion of Champions; Burren Princess Pandora
  • Reserve Supreme Overall Champion of Champions; Glassrummond Cherry 45

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