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Fine and penalty points for tractor driver on mobile phone

Gardaí brought a tractor driver using a mobile phone whilst behind the wheel in Co Laois in recent days.

Gardaí issued a fine and penalty points to the driver for the road traffic-related offence.

In a statement on Monday, June 13th, 2022, a spokesperson for Garda Síochána Laois/Offaly, said:

“Mountrath Gardaí stopped this tractor recently as the driver was using a mobile phone while driving.”

“We appreciate it is a busy time of year for farmers and silage contractors. but we urge you to pull in off the road to a safe place to use your phone.”

“Statistics show that people who use a mobile phone while driving are four times more likely to have a crash.”

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“It is not worth the risk to you or other road users. A fine and penalty points have been issued,” the spokesperson concluded.

Using your mobile whilst driving

According to the RSA (Road Safety Authority), the law states that you can use your mobile when you are driving if you are calling 112 or 999 or if it is another type of emergency.

It is an offence to hold a mobile phone in your hand or to support it with another part of your body, such as your shoulder or head.

The RSA states that if you utilise your phone while driving, you will receive 3 penalty points and a fixed charge of €90.

According to the authority, this can increase to a fixed charge of €90 and 5 penalty points if it goes before the courts because of non-payment.

Moreover, since April 2014, it is illegal to send or read a text message on a mobile whilst driving.

A spokesperson for the RSA said: “Using a hands-free kit with your phone is not illegal, but it will stop you from concentrating for a short time when you use your mobile phone, and this puts other people using the road at risk.”

“You could be prosecuted for dangerous driving, careless driving or driving without due care and attention because of this.”

“And you could also have your licence endorsed or even lose your licence. So. remember, the safe control of your vehicle is your responsibility,” the spokesperson concluded.

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