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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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17,000gns cow and calf pairing set new female breed record price

Report from dispersal sale of Millerston Beef Shorthorns

A cow and calf pair from Millerston Beef Shorthorns set what is understood to be a new female breed record price of 17,000gns when they went under the hammer over the weekend.

Leading the charge at Grace Ramsay’s Millerston herd dispersal was Millerston Irania Linnet (P), TI +35, SRI +38, MI +22.

The four-year-old roan Meonhill Charlie Chaplin daughter went under the hammer with her six-month-old dark roan heifer, Millerston Irania Rainbow (H) by Portnadoran Maestro.

Millerston Beef Shorthorns

Next best at the sale in Stirling on Saturday, September 11th, 2021, at 15,000gns was Millerston Madeline Lilly (H), TI +37, SRI +42, MI +20.

The four-year-old red by Charlie Chaplin and classified VG 85, sold with her seven-month-old roan heifer, Meonhill Madeline Rae (H) by Cairnsmore Landmark.

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The same buyer secured the next lot in the ring, after forking out 6,500gns. Millerston Primrose Jill (P), TI +22, SRI +13, MI +14, a six-year-old roan by Millerston Einstein with her five-month-old roan a Bushypark Tiger daughter, Millerston Primrose Regal (P).

10,000gns secured Millerston Augusta Heidi (P), TI +26, SRI +28, MI +23, and her five-month-old roan bull, Millerston Ramsay (H) by Tiger.

Heidi was a seven-year-old red by Millerston Cyclone and classified Ex 92.

At 9,000gns for Millerston Irania Molly (H), TI +37, SRI +33, MI +20, a three-year-old dark roan Charlie Chaplin daughter and her six-month-old white bull, Millerston Roly (P) by Portnadoran Maestro.

The same buyer forked out 6,500gns for another pair, Millerston Gretta Freya (P), TI +26, SRI +27, MI +22.

The nine-year-old light roan by Podehole Beefeater and classified Ex 91. Her five-month-old dark roan bull, Millerston Roberto (H), was by Tiger.

Under 7,000gns 

6,800gns was the price of seven-year-old white Millerston Augusta Highshine (P), TI +18, SRI +22, MI +21, a Beefeater daughter and her six-month-old white Tiger daughter, Millerston Augusta Relish.

Three more lots pushed up to 6,500gns. First up was Millerston Augusta Passion (H), TI +33, SRI +37, MI +23, a 17-month-old roan by Charlie Chaplin. She sold to Thomas Staunton, Kinvara, County Galway.

Millerston Irania Novelty (H), TI +29, SRI +31, MI +23, a two-year-old roan by Tiger, also sold for this pricetag.

The final call was for Blelack Melodious (P) TI +22, SRI +24, MI +19, a 10-year-old roan classified Ex 91. The Blelack Secret Service daughter went under the hammer with her five-month-old dark roan heifer, Millerston Melody Ripple (P) by Tiger.

Two entries climbed to 6,200gns bid. First up was Millerston Augusta Luna (P), TI +29, SRI +28, MI +21, a four-year-old roan by Eionmor Ideal paired with Millerston Ransack (P), her four-month-old light roan bull by Cairnsmore Landmark.

Millerston Gretta Peach (H) TI +32, SRI +34, MI +25, an 18-month-old dark roan, by Tiger, was the second to sell for this price tag.

Finally, Millerton Augusta Nova (H), TI +34, SRI +37, MI +23, a two-year-old roan Charlie Chaplin daughter made 6,000gns.

According to the Beef Shorthorn Society, average prices were as follows:

  • 27 cows and calves: £5,810;
  • 5 in-calf cows: £3,108;
  • 8 in-calf heifers: £4,016;
  • 15 maiden heifers: £3,094;
  • 4 young bulls: £2,310;
  • 1 stock bull: £1,890.
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