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First Merlo Cingo models arrive in Ireland

First Merlo Cingo models arrive in Ireland

McHale Plant Sales has recently taken the delivery of Ireland’s first Merlo Cingo models.

The Merlo distributor has stocked the “wholly” new range at its Rathcoole centre. It claims its newest offering is “tailor-made for the small contractor and rental market”.

Its sales director, Denis McGrath, has described the range as “a hugely innovative range of tracked carriers”.

According to Merlo, it has designed Cingo for small-scale construction, agricultural, landscaping and utility contractors whose needs can be met by a “transportable and versatile” trailer-size machine.

Merlo Cingo

Four types of machines make up the wide range available, all with rapid coupling devices that allow you to use numerous different attachments.

With capacities from 400 kg up to 1200 kg, the “compact and easy-to-handle” Cingo, it suggests, is ideal for working in tight spaces.

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It says it is ideal for “narrow” passages and through “smaller than normal” doorways. Key features include skid-steer and counter-rotational tracks, easy-to-use hydraulic controls, hydrostatic transmission and a step-on, stand-on operator platform.

Merlo said that Cingo has a low centre of gravity that ensures maximum stability on slopes.

Furthermore, it claims that its tracks apply less ground pressure and provide “greater” adherence on uneven and irregular terrain.

Versatile and hugely functional, the multi-tasking Cingo is equipped to “tackle a myriad of uses” that include conventional transporting and loading of materials.


Merlo listed the machine’s wide range of uses:

  • Excavating;
  • Transport;
  • Concrete mixing;
  • Tipper and self-loading dumper uses in construction;
  • Maintenance of green spaces and landscaping functions; Road and forestry cleaning and snow clearing;
  • Agricultural and animal care functions.
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