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Revenue extends deadline for filing LPT returns

Revenue has extended the deadline for filing LPT (Local Property Tax) returns from the initial date of this Sunday.

Property owners must now submit returns ahead of 5 pm next Wednesday, November 10th, 2021.


Revenue said it is “very conscious” that submitting a return to Revenue can could “a degree of worry and stress” for property owners, who do not have a reason to engage directly with them on an ongoing basis.

Also, it is “very conscious” that this is the first revaluation for LPT since its introduction over eight years ago.

It has reported “extremely strong” return filing rates by property owners across the country. At the time of writing, Revenue has received returns for over 1 million properties.

In the last three days:

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  • Returns for over 250,000 properties were filed;
  • Over 80,000 calls were made to Revenue’s LPT helpline;
  • 15,000 items of correspondence were received.

“With this high level of engagement expected to continue to increase further in the coming days, it is clear that property owners are making every effort to comply with their LPT obligations fully.”

How to and support

The quickest and easiest way to submit your return is online via myAccount, ROS or the LPT online Portal.

According to Revenue, 93% of property owners who have already filed their return have done so online.

To assist property owners who may not be able to access or use its online services or who need additional support to meet their compliance obligations, Revenue’s LPT Helpline (01 7383626) will provide extended opening hours service in the days leading up to the extended deadline.

About LPT

According to Revenue, LPT is a self-assessed tax, meaning you need to self-assess your property’s value on the valuation date of November 1st, 2021.

“The valuation of your property on this date will determine the amount of LPT you pay for 2022 and from 2023 to 2025.”

Revenue has provided an interactive tool and information on its website to help determine the value of properties.

Further reading:

You can find more information on its website.

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