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VIDEO: The days of searching fields for missing livestock are over!

A new system, which helps to locate and supervise livestock, is revolutionising farming globally.

The digitanimal livestock GPS device, which is responsible for monitoring more than 1,000 animals across Ireland and the UK, provides alerts directly to farmers. 

According to the creators, it will provide:

  • Location information;
  • Realised route by an animal during the last hours;
  • Charts on activity, covered route and rest time;
  • Temperature alerts;
  • Theft or loss alerts;
  • Activity alerts.

How does it work? 

Speaking to That’s Farming, a company spokesperson, said: “The digitanimal system consists of a device installed on a collar, which is put on the animals’ neck.”

“We have designed a small box, robust and ergonomic for it to be comfortable on the animal, attractive in appearance and above all, hardwearing.” 

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The device sends out information 24-hours-a-day, to the company’s servers where it is saved before being analysed and processed.

Data is provided to farmers through an easy-to-use web and mobile application for Android or iPhone, which can be accessed from various devices at the same time. 

“The platform is developed so the farmer has an easy experience using it, and the farmer doesn’t need to have major IT knowledge or know a lot about new technologies.” 

Presence in more than 50 countries

The company said that 98% of its users worldwide are satisfied with the systems they have developed for cattle, sheep, horses and goats.

“Above all, we contribute to more tranquillity and savings, improving search time for animals and operative cost.” 

A successful case in Wales 

Last November, the managers at Gross Moor, acquired various digitanimal devices with the objective of following animals via GPS. 

Furthermore, the devices are used to control body temperature, herd activity, as well as to detect deviation.

After some quiet months, Ben, manager of the farm, lost three of his animals which ventured into a zone difficult to access.

After more than one hour searching, he eventually located them using digitanimal.

“At digitanimal, we are pleased that our technology serves to detect any deviation in the herd behaviour, their location, and their temperature, as well as other functionalities such as detecting heat and calving.”

“It contributes, besides, to the farmer’s tranquillity in situations such as a fire or any other unfavourable situation which nature can provoke, such as a flood or a big snowfall.” the company spokesperson concluded.


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