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Limousin bull responsible for power loss to over 700 homes

A Limousin bull has been held responsible for a power outage across two villages in the U.K. last Friday, May 8th.

The bull, named Ron, caused the loss of electricity to 700 homes after he scratched himself on an electricity pole.

The owner, Hazel Laughton, took to a local Facebook group to apologize for the incident, saying: “Our bull Ron would like to apologise to everyone in Chapelton and Strathaven for causing last night’s power cut to over 700 homes!”

“He had an itchy bum so scratched it on the electricity pole and knocked the transformer box off! He’s just happy to be alive this morning after somehow escaping 11,000 volts and a large bump on the head! Think we will rename him ‘Sparky’,” she said.

Image source: Hazel Laughton Facebook

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