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Lambs make up to €170/hd at Kilkenny Mart

Kilkenny Mart report – sheep and cattle sale – 08-03-2021

Some 300 lots went under the hammer at Kilkenny Mart on Monday, March 8th, according to George Candler.

The mart’s auctioneer reported “another exceptionally good trade for both hoggets/lambs with the €170 mark achieved on a number of occasions”.

Kilkenny Mart 08-03-2021

Butcher lambs – €2.90-€3.29/kg or €148-€170/head:

  • 10 49kg – €160;
  • 12 57kg – €170;
  • 10 55kg – €167;
  • 12 56kg – €165;
  • 8 54kg – €164;
  • 10 51kg – €168.

Factory lambs – €2.90-€3.28/kg or €124-€156/head:

  • 8 48kg – €156;
  • 7 46kg – €148;
  • 11 45kg – €144;
  • 8 43kg – €141;
  • 5 42kg – €137;
  • 4 41kg – €128.

Other categories:

  • Cull ewes – €85-€167/head.

Dairy cows and heifers – 08-03-2021  

  • Freshly-calved Friesian cows and heifers – €1,200-€2,520.

“The buoyancy in the dairy sector continues with a top call on Monday of €2,520 for a freshly-calved pedigree British Friesian cow-heifer.”
“There was a complete clearance for all freshly-calved Friesian cows and heifers with an average price of €1810 per head.”

Kilkenny Mart report – 01-03-2021

Some 200 lots were offered for sale at the mart on Tuesday, March 1st, according to Candler.

He reported an “electric trade all round” with a top call of €167 for 59kgs.

  • Butcher lambs – €2.65-€3.22/kg or €138-€167/head;
  • Factory lambs – €2.90-€3.25/kg or €115-€143/head;
  • Cast ewes – €76-€150/head;
  • A small selection of dairy stock – freshly-calved Friesian heifers and cows – €1,350-€2,460/head.
Kilkenny Mart report – general cattle sale

Some 900 lots were presented for sale at Kilkenny Mart on Thursday, March 4th, 2021, according to George Candler.

The mart’s auctioneer reported that whilst entry numbers doubled in the space of a week, all lots met with a “good selling trade”.

“There is no reason to believe that prices should remain stable and, in cases, increase when more grass appears. A spell of harsh wet weather could have a negative impact in the short-term.”

“Quality store heifers peaked at €3.00/kg and Aberdeen-Angus bullocks made up to €2.30/kg. A smaller sale of cull cows saw a 100% clearance with Friesians not making less than €1.20/kg.”

Upcoming sales (online-only due to Covid-19 restrictions):
  • Sheep sale – Mondays at 10 am with dairy sale at 12 pm
  • Calf sale – Tuesdays at 11 am.
  • Cattle sale – Thursday – Cows at 10 am, followed by heifers, with bullocks at 10:30 am.
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