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Virtual office managers proving to be a lifeline for rural businesses

As Omicron does its worst, one business is definitely getting a bounce, and it is proving to be a definite silver lining for them.

Kendlebell is a virtual receptionist service that provides bespoke virtual office solutions for businesses in Ireland, has never been busier.

In essence, it provides a full virtual receptionist service, specialising in:

  • Inbound call answering;
  • Outbound call making;
  • Diary management;
  • Message taking;
  • Customer helpdesk and overflow call answering.


It is a simple solution for businesses; they can use it when they need its services on an ad-hoc basis.

According to the company, there are no long contracts, and costs are upfront and transparent to manage.

It is a lifeline now for businesses, particularly those in rural areas which are being crippled by staff, either calling in to say they have Covid or indeed are close contacts.

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Given the proximity of rural areas from larger urban centres, many staff, who heretofore may have carpooled, cannot do so now.

This is leading to huge problems for rurally based businesses who also may not be well served by public transport

It is also a lifeline for people who need and want to work from home, offering a viable income for professional receptionists.

Virtual receptionists

Chief Executive Tom Shanahan says:

“The pressure on business has been immense. This latest strain is really piling on additional stresses on already hard-pressed businesses. They are finding it almost unbearable.”

“We have been inundated with calls from professional services like solicitors and health and wellness chains, who are traditionally very busy in January as people try and get off to a good regime.”

“Our service is a perfect fit for them; our virtual receptionists literally look after everything and resolve what is an additional headache for businesses, freeing them up to concentrate on other aspects of their businesses.”

“Losing calls is losing money; companies can’t cope with that, especially now. Our services ensure they don’t have to.”

“They know they can totally depend on our service. It is a model that is perfect for the times we are living through. It workers for companies and workers alike, a perfect solution for all,” he concluded.

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