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John Deere launch new series of front loaders

John Deere has recently announced a new addition to its range of front loaders for tractors.

The new M-series front loaders have been designed for tractors up to 155 horsepower.

The new series includes 4 models that cover a variety of applications, according to John Deere. They can perform many different functions, from standard loader tasks to operations requiring premium performance and comfort.


One of the new features is the slim boom profile, which is said to be perfect for tighter working area often found on mixed or livestock farms. The boom design allows good front visibility to the bucket, attachment points and around the tractor.

All models come with a strong mechanical self-levelling (MSL) system, which provides extra breakout force to completely fill the bucket.

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Lift and suspension

The new model is made with 20% ballast and is 20% lighter than the R series, making it quick and manoeuvrable.  The company stated that the 603M model is capable of raising a bucket in 4 seconds.

A suspension system can be fitted to the M series loaders and is optional, although the hydraulic components are routed internally to protect them from any potential impact.


The new series uses the same front mounting frames as previous series, meaning there is no need for fleet owners to adapt their existing tractors.

The M series is also fully compatible with John Deere front hitches, which allows full front axle oscillation and maximum steering angles while also leaving room to access the main tractor service points.

The new series of front loader is available from May 2020 and can be fitted to 5M, 5R, 6M and 6R Series tractors up to the 6155M/R models.


Loader models





Lift capacity (kg) @ 800mm with bucket





Lift height (m)





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