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John Deere bring new flagship combines to Europe

John Deer have announced the addition of 2 new X-Series combine harvester models to its 2021 harvesting line-up.

They say the new models will help large-scale farmers harvest more tonnes per hour and more hectares per day, specifically in tough, high yielding, wet conditions.

The new X9 1000 and X9 1100 combines have become the flagship machines in their range of harvesting solutions and represents the next level of John Deere harvesting performance.

“As conditions change, the X9 combine can make automatic adjustments for the operator so it consistently operates at peak levels,” says John Deere product marketing manager Jonathan Edwards.

Crop transitions

The new series also offers the widest feeder house on the market. Coupled with a new dual rotary separator and the industry’s largest cleaning shoe, these work together to improve crop flow and increase harvesting capacity.

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“The crop transitions from the feeder house and is fed very evenly by the chevron-design feed accelerator towards the heart of the new combine – the X-Series Dual Separator (XDS).”

“With the largest active threshing and separation areas John Deere has ever offered, crop in the XDS is handled through nine revolutions, resulting in low losses and increased harvesting capacity,” Edwards explained.

Other features

The X9 is designed to excel in northern, high moisture, tough separation conditions where this machine has been tested extensively and has been proven to achieve over 100 tonnes/hr at a one per cent loss level.

During harvest, the highly fuel-efficient X-Series combines can run for up to 14 hours without refuelling, according to the manufacturer, and are powered by an all-new John Deere PowerTech 13.6-litre six-cylinder diesel engine delivering up to 700hp (515kW).

John Deere state that throughout the development of the X-Series combines, John Deere has focused heavily on harvesting efficiency.

Through ground-breaking developments in transmissions, crop handling, cleaning systems and the new Xcel straw chopper knives, harvesting power requirements have been reduced by 120hp (86kW), while at the same time delivering increased performance.

As testimony to this concept, the X9 was awarded a DLG silver medal for its ‘large combine efficiency package’ at Agritechnica 2019.

The brand new ProDrive XL transmission features key benefits such as:

  • 30 per cent more torque than the existing ProDrive for hillsides, as well as wet and muddy conditions;
  • 40kph;
  • engine speed management to 1700rpm to maximise efficiency on the road.

The X9 also features a brand new cab offering the latest equipment and options including seat heating and ventilation, a seat massage function and an app-enabled radio. With three different cab specification levels, Select, Premium and Ultimate, there is something to suit every budget and taste.

The X9 also has a full suite of on-board technology and depending on the packages chosen, it can be equipped with AutoMaintain, Active Terrain Adjustment and Active Yield.


John Deere is so confident about the performance of this machine that it will be running the X-Series Challenge, where £25,000 (€25,000 in Ireland) is offered to anyone who can beat the X-Series combine in the field. This challenge is open to any production combine on the market today, with registration via the John Deere country websites.

Further information

John Deere dealers will start taking orders for the new X-Series combines later this summer. For more details visit your local dealer or click here.

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