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Time for the Department to address ‘issues’ in regard to Jersey-Friesian calves – McConalogue

It is clear in hindsight, the removal of quotas in the dairy sector, that insufficient thought was given by the Department and national agencies to the impact that change would have on the beef sector, in particular, according to Fianna Fáil’s Charlie McConalogue.

During a Dáil debate, he said that some of that impact can be seen in the prices that have prevailed in recent times and in the increased number of dairy bull calves.

“There is clearly a need to develop new markets. Teagasc admitted recently that sufficient consideration was not given to the market outlets for dairy bull calves as a result of dairy expansion.”

“It time for the Department to address the issues in regard to cross-bred Jersey-Friesian calves, for which there is little beef value.”

He said that it must be ensured that the dairy and beef sectors work together in what is a “circular process”. “The bull calves coming off the dairy herd must be capable of making a profit from a beef point of view.” the Deputy concluded.

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