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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Pics: ROI-bred heifers among highest-priced lots at Jalex Select Sale

In this news article, That’s Farming, takes a look at some of the best-selling contenders at the Jalex Select Sale 1 of the year.

Tiny Dancer set what is understood to be a new commercial in-calf heifer price record when she came under the hammer at £23,000 at the Jalex Select Sale 1 of the year, over the weekend, writes farming journalist, Catherina Cunnane.


On her heels at £12,500 was the sale’s only maiden heifer, lot 12 (main image), a ROI-bred Imperial-sired ¾-bred Belgian Blue-cross breeding female, which was born in August 2021 and has been scanned as suitable for breeding.

She has 15.63% Charolais blood and 6.25% Limousin influence and crossed the scales at 740kgs, according to the sales catalogue.

James described her as a “heifer with colour, muscle, style and length in abundance”.

“We think a lot of this heifer and had planned to flush her later in the summer and had entered her for Balmoral, but our entries were cut back,” he added.


UK-born Lot 11 was next in the price table at £8,500 and came in the form of a Limousin-cross-Belgian Blue, herself by VDV and out of an Irish-bred show heifer by VDV.

She was born in January 2020, weighed in at 850kgs, and is due on 29-08-2023 to Norman Ely with a heifer calf.

According to James, “This is one of the very best heifers I have ever owned”.

“She was bred by John Wigham, Hargill House, Northumberland and has so much natural power and width with real plates.”

“This is a beast to breed. A real flushing brood cow with both the books and breeding behind her,” he remarked.

Lot 11[1]


At £8,000 was lot 51, Skunk, a ROI-born Limousin-cross-Belgian Blue heifer, born in February 2021, and scanned in-calf with a Corcamore Romeo (5-star LM bull) heifer calf, due on 04-10-2023.

Alexander described her in the sales catalogue as a “serious well-marked haltered show heifer, with great shape, easy fleshing, great style and markings”.



On her heels at £7,500 was lot 140, a ROI-born 770kg AI-bred hybrid heifer, out of Belgian Blue sire, WBH, and a Limousin dam by LM2179.

She was born in April 2020 and is due on 08-10-2023 to Corcamore Romeo, with a bull calf.

According to the sales catalogue, “this beast has a lot going for her, with style and muscling”.

“She is a long, big, and powerful heifer with great width behind her. It is not every day that they come like this. She is a show calf producer,” he remarked.

Lot 140[1]


ROI-bred Lot 52, named Wide Load, a May 2021-born heifer, bred by Shane Naughton, Athlone, out of Rosies Mack ET, and a Stonelea Inzagi dam, came in next at £6,500.

The herd’s former show heifer weighed 800kgs and is due on 06-10-2023 to Corcamore Romeo, with a heifer calf.

James commented: “She has a great set of legs and is very easily fleshed. She is a show beast with power to breed a show calf to a goof Limousin bull with the pelvic width to calf it.”

Lot 52 Wide Load[1]


Lot 56, another ROI-bred heifer, called ‘Have A Look’, which is a ½-bred Belgian Blue, with 25% Charolais blood, 19% Limousin influence and 6% Simmental, found a new owner at £6,200.

The Bridgeview Mowgli ET daughter was born in November 2020, weighed 846kgs and is due on 07-09-2023 to Twemlows Officer with a heifer calf.

James said: “She is an outstanding RW blue-bred heifer, with colour, muscle and power. You could not ask for more. She is a show calf breeder and one to keep the colour coming,” he concluded.

Lot 56 G

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