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Tractor transporting trucks blocks busy tunnel

Tractor blocks Jack Lynch Tunnel

A tractor with a flatbed trailer transporting a truck that was carrying a truck that was, in turn, carrying a pickup truck, blocked the Jack Lynch Tunnel earlier this morning (Thursday, April 28th, 2022).

The incident involving the overheight vehicle occurred around 8 am this morning.

At the time of writing, it has since re-opened, having caused delays for some commuters.

The tunnel, which is the county’s most famous, has reported a number of delays and closures because of the detection of overheight vehicles within the busy route.

Tractor buyer’s costly cryptocurrency investment

In other news, an individual, who fell victim to a tractor scam, attempted to recoup losses by investing in cryptocurrency but was short-changed even further after making a sizeable investment.

That is according to the Department of Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman’s Overview of Complaints 2022, which contains the case study, entitled ‘suspicious cryptocurrency investment transactions on an account’.

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The “impartial, independent, fair and free” service helps resolve complaints from consumers against financial service providers and pension providers.

It assisted an individual named Cathal, who saw a tractor on an online private sales platform. He sent money to England to purchase it.

According to the report, “it turned out to be a scam, and he received neither the tractor nor a return of his money”.

Cathal wanted to make up for his loss and was attracted by an advertisement promoting cryptocurrency investment.

The company he utilised turned out to be fraudulent, and despite investing up to €20,000, he received no returns.

At one point, the firm told Cathal that he would receive €60,000 if he sent them €6,000. This was untrue.

He continued to engage with the fraudsters, after he had made a complaint to the FSPO.

The report states that his bank said it could not get a return of his funds. He had correctly authorised the transactions through his online banking.

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