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‘Indispensable workers’ demand living wage from food company

Liam Gallagher, Unite the Union regional officer for workers at Kerry Foods in Coleraine, Enniskillen and Omagh, has called on the company to pay their staff a living wage.

Gallagher has asked for the public food company to ensure employee pay reflects the “indispensable status of their workforce”. 

The decisions made by Kerry Foods to reverse their earlier decision of refusing to furlough vulnerable staff has been welcomed, along with the introduction of a bonus payment. This, however, is not enough according to the Unite regional officer.


“It remains indefensible, however, that these workers – now almost universally accepted as indispensable – are paid poverty wages by a company which made £47 million profit after tax last year,” Gallagher stated.

“Negotiations have now run past the anniversary date with no sign yet of a formal response to our members’ demand to be paid at least the real Living Wage.”

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“We expect the company to urgently implement our recent pay claim demanding at least the real living wage and move towards the upward harmonisation of T&Cs across the three sites,” he concluded.

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