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Identifying a John Deere owner

Tractor brands constantly divide opinion across the farming and agricultural machinery communities.

Everyone has their favourite and will defend it to the bitter end.

That said, those who’s favourite tractor brand is John Deere have a number of distinguishing features. Here are just a few of them.


  1. Can be seen cleaning down the windscreen with €50 notes;
  2. Sold the fridge at home after seeing the size of the one in the cab;
  3. Have more money spent on paint polish than on diesel;
  4. Can be seen wearing a 3-piece suit behind the wheel (Dress for the job you want…);
  5. Constantly complain about the pain in their back from all the money they are carrying around;
  6. Are never seen in the bog, the prized pony doesn’t deserve such hardship;
  7. Will never be seen repairing their own vehicle;
  8. Don’t actually own their own tractor.
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