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Identifying a Fendt owner

How to identify a Fendt driver on the road

Fendt is one of the world’s leading tractor manufacturers and it is hard to argue with anyone interested in purchasing one.

However, they are only a certain dynamic of people that would consider it.

Here are some traits of the people you will see driving a Fendt tractor:

  • They gained a degree in astrophysics just to learn how to start it;
  • They really just wanted a green Massey;
  • They spend more time looking at a screen than out the window;
  • ABBA’s song ‘Money, Money, Money’ is played on repeat in the cab;
  • Always in a rush while using the full capacity of the 60km/h gearbox;
  • Nothing gets them more excited than talking about horsepower;
  • Allergies include: clutching;
  • Wet ground specialists.
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