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Identify BDGP-eligible females using ICBF’s new mart tracker

The development of ICBF’s new ‘Mart Tracker’ facility, which enables farmers to identify heifers for sale in marts that are eligible for the Beef Data and Genomics Programme, has been welcomed by ICOS.

Approximately 80% of marts now display ICBF data on the sales ring screens, according to co-operative umbrella organisation.

As animals are checked into these marts before a sale, ICBF will list the eligible ones (genotyped along with their star rating) on the mart tracker and this also appears on screens at the ringside.

‘Adds value all around for buyers and sellers’

Ray Doyle of ICOS said, “This is a great new service that ICBF has developed and we’re delighted to bring it to our customers in the marts.”

“The more information any buyer can have the better, including genetic merit. This contributes to the openness and free trade which marts have always sought to foster.”

“It helps farmers to be sure of what they are getting with the animal they’re interested in and this adds value all around for buyers and sellers, while satisfying the BDGP eligibility requirement.”

“We look forward to further evolving this service with ICBF in the future.” Doyle concluded.

Image source: Shannon Butler [Photo submitted as part of our digital photo competition]

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