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How to take care of your farm dog

Dogs are more than just stay-at-home pets. Farm owners can train them to become guards and herders. But, before transitioning a dog to become part of your farm, you must first be knowledgeable of the essential considerations for your dog.

Provide proper equipment

As farm owners, it is necessary that you provide proper equipment for your animals. These tools will influence the level of comfort of your animals. Plus, it pays to research the materials used in farm equipment because some of them might be harmful to your animals.

A dog crate is an example of essential equipment for your farm dog. This tool serves as your dog’s temporary shelter and protection from other animals. It must not be too small, or else your pet will feel uncomfortable. Also, it must have enough space for a bowl. This way, you can feed your pet while it is in the crate.

Another essential tool to have for your pet is a dog guard. It is a reliable device when you need to have a trip with your farm dog. Make sure to choose a dog guard that is made only from high-quality materials to ensure you and your dog’s safety.

Supply healthy food and clean water

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Water is essential to almost all living things. Having a proper water supply will pretty much determine your dog’s health. Unclean water will bring various diseases to your animals, and that is something you don’t want.

In terms of a healthy diet, bone broth is a nutritious delicacy for your farm dog. A bone broth includes simmered bones with apple cider vinegar. This simple dog food is said to improve digestion and strengthen bones and joints.

Omega-3 rich foods improve the skin and eye health of your farm dog. Sardines and anchovies are examples of food that contain a high level of Omega-3. Feed them small fishes regularly to observe improvements on their overall health.

Our third suggestion for healthy dog food is raw goat milk. Fortunately, it is readily available for you since you have a farm. Vitamin A, zinc, and selenium are some of the minerals found in fresh goat milk. It also strengthens the immune system of your dog, which is its first line of defence from diseases.

Arrange veterinary appointments

In the unfortunate cases that your dog will contract a disease, you should bring it to a veterinary clinic. You must also be aware of the different vaccines that can battle canine parvovirus (CPV), canine distemper virus (CDV), canine adenovirus (CAV), and rabies.

CPV is a highly contagious viral infection that causes weight loss and diarrhoea to your dogs. In some cases, dogs can also suffer a heart attack due to CPV. Either way, this virus can lead to death among dogs, so veterinarians recommend CPV vaccination.

CDV is also a viral infectious illness. It causes pneumonia, diarrhoea, and fever to dogs. There is no cure to CDV; hence, dog owners are highly encouraged to ensure that their dogs are vaccinated.

Like the CPV and CDV, CAV also causes respiratory illnesses in dogs. But, it has two types: CAV-1 and CAV-2. The first type is the cause of canine hepatitis, which manifests in a dog’s bluish eyes. On the contrary, the second type causes minor respiratory issues. Both kinds can result in fatality.

Lastly, rabies is a viral disease that affects dogs and other mammals’ brain and spinal cord. It brings significant changes to a dog’s behaviour, and some of its manifestations are aggression and disorientation. Through the rabies vaccine, you and your dog will be safe from this disease.

Allot exercise and playtime

It is worth noting that farm dogs are not machines. They, too, need time to play and relax. Thus, it is crucial to take into account playtime in the everyday schedule of your farm dog.

You must give at least 30 minutes of free time to your dog. Let them perform exercises and run around during this time since those exercises can uplift their moods and upgrade the work they do. You may also take this chance to strengthen the bond between you and your farm dog.

Provide appropriate training

Lastly, it is essential to provide proper training for your dog. Teach the basic commands such as sit, stay, down, and leave it. Make sure to give treats and praise while teaching them as these rewards will reinforce their good attitudes.

After teaching them the basics, you can introduce them to other farm animals. It is worth noting that the proper introduction of your farm dog will ensure its harmonious relationship with other animals and avoid hostility. Dog trainers advise having the dog on a leash during its first time on the farm. You can then remove the strap if the dog is already familiar with its neighbours.

Good luck on your journey with your farm dog!

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