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How to know you’re a UCD ‘Ag’

Many students have passed through the School of Agriculture and Food Science in Belfield since its opening, all from varying backgrounds, upbringing and eras. 

So it could be said that we’re all very different, just like everyone else in the world. However, there are definitely some things that set us apart from the rest.

We think we are just like everyone else – we are probably wrong.

The definition of an ag student

Here’s a list of 8 things that most recent ag students can relate to during their time in Dublin:

  1. You are the clamping service’s worst enemy;
  2. You won’t pay more than 50c for tea;
  3. You have withdrawals from Camden Street;
  4. You have seen the Wolfe Tones live at least once;
  5. The Party Bus company has blocked your number;
  6. You have ironed a shirt with a frying pan;
  7. You have received some sort of live animal for your birthday;
  8. Your name has been mentioned on the radio (not always a good thing).
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