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What should I pay for slurry and muck spreading?

The Association of Farm & Forestry Contractors in Ireland’s published its contracting charges guide for 2020 earlier this week, as reported by us here.

These guide figures are produced on an annual basis and are compiled by collating an average figure for each operation from a panel of FCI members from across Ireland.

The FCI outlined that prices are shown as a guide only, plus VAT at 13.5% and per area or per hour and include an operator, unless otherwise stated; prices are based on green diesel at 70c/L.

Slurry and muck spreading:

  • Muck loading (wheeled loader) – €65-€70/hour;
  • Muck spreading – flail – €50-€55/hour;
  • Muck spreading – 10-tonne – €65-€70/hour;
  • Muck spreading – 14-tonne – €85-€90/hour;
  • Loading and spreading – 12-tonne spreader – €130-€135/hour;
  • 14-tonne dual/rear-discharge spreader and loader – €150-€160/hour;
  • Slurry agitation – €90-€100/hour
  • Slurry spreading – 1,500-gallon tanker – €45-€50/hour; 
  • Slurry spreading – 2,500-gallon tanker – €65-€70/hour;
  • Slurry spreading – 3,000-gallon tanker – €88-€90/hour;
  • Umbilical spreading (set-up charge – laying out & reeling in €100/hour) – €150-€155/hour;
  • Trailing shoe – 2,500+ gallon tanker – €85-€90/hour.
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