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Graphic content: Six-legged calf delivered via C-section

A vet delivered a six-legged calf in Australia over the course of the weekend.

Bettsy, a vet at Warby Street Veterinary Hospital, performed a C-section on a heifer.    

In a post on social media, Warby Street Veterinary, said: “Bettsy had a bit of a surprise this arvo while performing a caesarian on a heifer up the Greta Valley! What do you call a six-legged calf?”

“The calf had already passed away before the caesarian.”

“We do feel sad for the heifer. Bettsy has done his best to save her. Mother Nature can be confronting at times.”

The veterinary hospital said that Development Duplication (DD), a genetic condition found in some Aberdeen-Angus cattle, is “definitely a possibility”.

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Image source: Warby Street Veterinary Hospital / Facebook

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