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Going digital this planting season

In a world where the answer to every question is just one click away, and “Google it” has become as much a part of our vocabulary as “Hello” and “Goodbye”, it seems as though there really is an app for everything, writes John Garvey,

From fitness apps to gaming apps, entertainment apps and educational apps, breaking into the modern world is an almost entirely digital experience, and sometimes it feels like if you’re not online, you simply don’t exist.

So, where does this fit in with the farming community, and how can we harness the power of online to suit farmers and the companies they work with?


For many farm-supply companies, creating and maintaining their own website is an important part of their marketing and sales activity. However, mobile commerce is growing significantly and is particularly suited to farmers who frequently identify their needs and make decisions while out on their farm.

Mobile commerce offers the promise of flexible offer creation and order management in a channel that fits with farmers work patterns. As a farmer, it can be frustrating when you need to buy a product outside of business hours, only to find out that your usual supplier is closed or completely sold out.

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Created with both suppliers and farmers in mind, FarmHedge is the ideal digital tool for the farming world!  With a FarmHedge account, farm supply companies and crop traders can invite and verify their farmers who download the FarmHedge app. In this way, they go digital, keep their personal connection with their farmers and provide a highly responsive service.

For the farmer, they have a single mobile app, where they can do everything: sell their crops, buy seed and order machinery parts. They know that on the other side of that app are all their trusted sales contacts – providing real-time information and exceptional service.

Whether you are based in Ireland, the UK, or the USA, the FarmHedge app is used by farmers as a single order-management tool. Farmer data remains private and farmers retain full control over how their data is shared with their trusted suppliers.

So, let’s look into the app a little closer.

Farm supply companies first get set up with a FarmHedge account. They then use the FarmHedge web-based portal to invite their farmers to download the Farmhedge mobile app. From that point on, they create offers and receive orders from their customers.

As a farmer, you are invited by your supplier to connect on the FarmHedge mobile app. An exceptional user experience means the farmer can review full product detail provided by the supplier. Saving time and effort when ordering inputs.

Uniquely, FarmHedge also enables ordering of bulk animal feed, agri-diesel and typically offline inputs like fertiliser, seed and crop protection products.

From offers to product queries, FarmHedge embodies the personality and voice of each and every one of its suppliers, providing each one with the ability to answer any question from their farmer, and offering a marketing platform that is easy to use, saves time and money, and lowers effort – while boosting sales.

So, why hasn’t it been done before?

Really, the answer is simple. The farming community is one of the oldest known to history. Long before many of today’s’ careers existed, our farmers worked the fields; growing crops, grazing livestock, and providing for the ever-growing population on Earth.

Going digital is a step that has long been at the bottom of a long list of duties, and yet as the world shifts, so we must embrace the ease and practical logic that digital can bring.

This planting season, save yourself time, money, and that all-important energy. If you’re a farm supply company, get set up with a FarmHedge account and go digital, stay personal.

To learn more about FarmHedge, click here.

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