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Behind the Lens: Galway Agri Videos

Conor Ryan of Galway Agri Videos sat down with That’s Farming’s Catherina Cunnane as part of our new ‘Behind the Lens’ series. 

Name: Conor Ryan – Galway Agri Videos

Location: Co. Galway

Did you grow up on a farm? Yes, I grew up on the family farm and I’ve always been around machinery since a young age. I’m currently not farming.

When did your interest in videography begin? It began in 2013 when we first bought our first Canon camera as a hobby and started taking photos of local contractors.

Did you undertake any formal training? No, I did not – I learned everything from either Youtube or from others.

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When did you post your first video? I posted my first video on Youtube on April 16th, 2014, but set up a Youtube account in September 2013 prior to posting.

Where do you post content? We post our content on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram but Youtube is our main platform for all our content with 5,978,457 views in total.

How many followers do you have on each of these platforms? We’d have over 13,600 followers on Facebook, in excess of 12,800 on Youtube and more than 4,300 Instagram followers.

How long does it take to shoot these videos? Every video is different for us – some clients want a mixture of footage throughout the year so up to 3 months alone can be dedicated to shooting one video but you could have a lot gathered in an hour or two for a standard video.

What equipment do you use to take capture footage? Our camera gear consists of 2 Dji Phantom 3 special editions, 2 Canon 600ds, 1 Panasonic camera and 4 Go Pros hero 3s along with gimbals and a range of different mounts.

Do you have a production team? My brother Jarlath does help out in the busy spells mainly during the summer.

How long does it take to edit videos? Approximately 2 or 3 hours would see a video edited.

What has been the most successful video that you have ever posted? I would say it’s the one we took of Garvey Agri Services at silage in 2017 – that clip has amassed over 850,400 views on Youtube.

Where are your followers based? Ireland would be our biggest location for our followers, but people all the way from Australia to Uruguay watch the videos. 95% of our followers are male, with the remaining 5% being female.

Has the success of Galway Agri Videos surpassed your expectations? Yes, it has – since 2013, when it started off as a hobby, it has grown into a business that is growing from strength to strength every year.

On average, how many videos do you produce per year? We could produce up to nearly 100 or so videos a year – many of which are not posted across our platforms. Usually, some of the businesses we work with, post the videos on their own accounts.

When do you post content? I aim to post videos every Sunday but all depends if the content is finished and ready to go live.

Do you arrange these video shoots yourself? Yes – people contact us through our Facebook page looking for video work done.

What do you like most about the nature of the work that you do? I get to be outdoors, meet new people every day and get to see how different jobs are done.

What’s challenging? Editing and trying to keep the content interesting.

What are your plans for the future? I intend to keep Galway Agri Videos going for as long as we can and to keep growing our follower base. We are happy with the way things are going at the moment and hope to see 2020 even busier than this year.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support since we started – without people, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

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