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Characters you will meet at the mart

  • Dealers
You’ll find them around the ring!

  • International exporters 
The ones that make them presence felt at the ringside when it comes to E and U grade weanlings. 

  • Farmers/ irregular attendees
The ones that make an occasional appearance once or twice-a-year! 

  • Everyone’s favourite auctioneer 
They are fair when it comes to trading matters ringside.

  • Drovers

  • Factory agents
They will give you a run for your money when it comes to all the heavy and factory-fit animals in the town!

  • Feedlot agents
The ones that are most commonly found carrying brown envelopes. 

  • The haulier that everyone knows! 
The one that travels the length and breadth of the country to marts and factories! 

  • The Family Duo
Usually, a father and son or a father and daughter!

  • The young gun!

There’s always one.  

  • Window-shoppers 

The ones that buy an animal or two a year!  

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