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Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane
Catherina Cunnane hails from a sixth-generation drystock and specialised pedigree suckler enterprise in Co. Mayo. She currently holds the positions of editor and general manager at That's Farming, having joined the firm during its start-up phase in 2015.
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Fuel prices over last 10 years: How do current pump prices compare?  

Fuel Prices Ireland

AA Ireland’s Fuel Price Figures – which tracks fuel costs on a month-by-month basis from 1992 – documents how diesel and petrol prices have fluctuated in recent years and, indeed, reached record-high levels in 2022.

For the purpose of this article, we examined figures for both petrol and diesel from 2012-2022.

Its data shows that diesel prices ranged from 149.9-1.60.1 in 2012, while petrol ranged from 154.9-170.1.

Meanwhile, the following year in 2013, petrol prices varied from 154.5-1.62.0, while diesel ranged from 144.4-155.1.

Then, in 2014, data shows that petrol prices varied from 142.4-157.4, while diesel prices ranged from 134.0-147.6.

In 2015, petrol ranged from 128.4-145.3, while diesel, on the other hand, varied from 118.2-133.3.

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Then, in 2016, petrol pushed from 121.1-132.8, and diesel prices ranged from 105.4-121.9. Here, monthly incremental rises are evident, unlike fluctuations seen throughout twelve months periods in the years prior.


Then in 2017, petrol prices all remained above the 131.9 mark and reached 139.9 in December, while diesel prices began at 126.9 in January and fell to 119.2 in July, before rising month-on-month thereafter to a December figure of 127.1.


Then in 2018, petrol prices began at 138.2 in January before rising (after fluctuations) to 147.9 in October and then dropping to 136.9 in December (November-December witnessed the biggest month-on-month decline in this year of 10c/L).

Diesel, on the other hand, began at 127.3 in January and later dropped to 126.5 before prices exceeded the 130.0 mark and eventually reached 141.9 in October; however, it dropped back to lower than May levels (131.0) to 131.9 in December.


This year saw diesel prices begin at 127.9 in January, and then did not fall below this for the whole entire year. In fact, prices reached 133.7 +2c in October, following the Budget, before falling back slightly to 131.2 in November and rising to 131.4 in December.

Petrol prices began at 132.9 in January before reaching 146.1 in May, which, based on this source, was the highest price for fuel that year.

However, fuel prices fluctuated in the following months and eventually settled at 141.7 that December.


More recently, in 2020, petrol prices began at 144.5 in January, before dropping back to 121.8 in June.

In September, the government temporarily reduced VAT to 21%, which brought the price to 124.9 in September.

However, there were incremental month-on-month increases thereafter, with a price of 127.3 rounding off December.

In terms of diesel, prices began at 135.9 in January before dropping as low as 113.9 that June.

Again, a temporary VAT reduction brought prices to 116.5 that September and prices rose to 119.0 that December.


AA Ireland’s data shows that diesel prices began at 120.8 in January 2021 and rose every single week, from there on, by anything up to 7c/L.

A 2.5c/L rise was the result of Budget 2022, which brought prices from 156.6 in October. Meanwhile, diesel hit 163.3 in November and declined slightly to 161.9 in December.

In terms of petrol prices, they began at 129.9 in January 2021 and, like diesel, rose week-on-week to 172.5c last December.


Again, diesel prices, based on its national average price index, have increased week-on-week to a price of 205.0 at some pumps last week, with a further rise experienced by road users this week.

The government introduced temporary excise duty reductions earlier this year, knocking off 20c/L from the price of petrol and 15c/L off diesel.

  • June – 205.0;
  • May – 194.6;
  • April – 190.9;
  • March – 190.5;
  • February – 167.6;
  • January – 166.1.

Petrol prices, on the other hand, have increased from 175.5 in January to 213.2 in June 2022, its data shows.

  • June – 213.2;
  • May – 191.9;
  • April – 180.9;
  • March – 182.4;
  • February – 177.3;
  • January – 175.5.

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